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What is the ROC?
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Exciting new developments for FRED: New, modernised site and new management!


This statement tells you what personal information this website (FRED) collects and what we will do with it.

FRED collects your name, gender, email address, fencing club affiliation, USFA (or other NGB) member id, and fencer's ratings. Your birth year may also be required, depending on the event you are preregistering for.

Of these, your public, fencing oriented information such as name, gender, club affiliation and ratings will be provided to organizers for their use in running events. It will also be displayed in public preregistration and results lists on the FRED website.

This public information is also available to partners who integrate with FRED's API. This data integration service enables partners to build applications (such as a mobile tournament listing app or a club website), using the same information publicly available on the FRED website, but in new and different ways. Such partners are bound by the policies and privacy protections in the API Terms of Service. Only information publicly available on the FRED site is available to these partners via the API.

We (FRED) will use your private contact information (i.e. email address) to coordinate your participation in FRED related events, and to contact you regarding that participation. You will not receive unsolicited mass mailings as a result of providing your email address to FRED. If you have signed up for other fencing related mailing lists, you may receive email notices from FRED that are sent to those email lists. FRED does not keep mailing lists of his own.

The email addresses of event organizers who list events on FRED will be publicly listed with their events, as will any alternative email contact address provided by the organizer for that purpose.

FRED accepts payments for various things via the site. We occasionally must provide contact information for these payors to tournament or clinic organizers to help resolve a payment dispute. This is rare, and we always provide the minimum information necessary to resolve the issue.

Club's contact information is displayed publicly on the site (that is, after all, the purpose of FRED's club listings).

Your contact information (i.e. your email address, or optional phone or physical address info) will be kept private, never shared. Even event organizers may not access your private contact information, except as described regarding payment disputes above. We (FRED) will never share, sell, rent, or otherwise give your private information to anyone for any reason, except as noted above, or when you explicitly authorize us do so, or when we are required to do so by law.

Thank-you for playing!