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The Silicon Valley RYC, Region 4 Mar 31, 2017 - Apr 2, 2017
Please read the waiver - registering confirms that you read and agree to the conditions stated there. Payment information is located in "More Info" Section. Registration will NOT be complete until payment is received.
The Fencing Center: San Jose, CA
posted 01/18/2017
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Per the USFA's requirements Fencers/parents must be able to prove date of birth of fencers or the Fencers must have their DOB verified on their USFA Membership Cards.

Live Results:

Payment and Fees:

Fees and Deadlines:

Payment will be accepted via askFRED.

Until 11:59 pm Monday March 20th:
- $30 registration fee
- $25 per event


March 21 - 11:59pm on March 26:
- $60 registration fee
- $50 per event

March 27th: triple late fee registration (upon approval,Payments at the door via Check or Cash).
- $90 registration fee
- $75 per event


There will be a $25 surcharge for returned checks.

Registration fee is non-refundable, event fees will be refunded if organizer is notified 24 hours before the tournament. Refunds for Event fees will be processed after the tournament.

If any event has less than 5 competitors the organizers will, if possible, combine with the other age specific event to make a mixed event.

Schedule of events (Check-in closing times)
Tentative start times may change due to attendance.

Date Event
Mar 31 09:00AM Y10 Men's Foil
Mar 31 09:00AM Y14 Men's Epee
Mar 31 11:00AM Y12 Women's Saber
Mar 31 01:00PM Y14 Women's Epee
Mar 31 02:00PM Y12 Men's Saber
Mar 31 02:00PM Y10 Women's Foil

Apr 1 08:00AM Y14 Men's Foil
Apr 1 08:00AM Y12 Men's Epee
Apr 1 11:00AM Y10 Men's Saber
Apr 1 01:00PM Y14 Women's Foil
Apr 1 02:00PM Y10 Women’s Saber
Apr 1 02:00PM Y12 Women's Epee

Apr 2 08:00AM Y10 Men's Epee
Apr 2 08:00AM Y10 Women's Epee
Apr 2 08:00AM Y12 Men's Foil
Apr 2 12:00PM Y14 Women's Saber
Apr 2 02:00PM Y12 Women's Foil
Apr 2 03:00PM Y14 Men's Saber

Withdrawals: Withdrawal is by e-mail to the organizers.
The last day for withdrawal from an event with refund from the organizers is 03/30/2017. Refunds are given only for events and will be minus any charges, taxes, or charge-backs. The Registration fee is non-refundable. Refunds will be mailed to the participant within 4 weeks after the event.

Y10: Y10 events are required by USA Fencing to be fenced with weapons not exceeding 32 inches.

Armory: Masks, body cords, lames and gloves must be checked by armorer before events. So allow time for that check.

Due to the early check in, Weapons Check will be open Thursday, December 8th, from 6pm to 8pm. If you are in the area and can come by early for armory checks please do so.

Summer Nationals and Point System: Regional Youth Circuit guidelines found here:

About the area:
There are several restaurants within easy walking distance, Denny's, Wendy's, Starbucks, Togo's, Jack In The Box and a Mexican taqueria. But there are numerous restaurants within a short drive including Vietnam Town, an Asian themed shopping district with many fine restaurants and "Plant Shopping Center", your familiar large outdoor mall.

Auto Parking: TFC has 50 parking spots. The curb directly in front of the building is a bicycle lane and tickets are issued for parking there. The Walmart Market just down the street has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot. They are approximately a 8 minute walk from TFC. Please park toward the street and avoid their customers or the north wall where their associates park. It is suggested that fencers be dropped off with their gear at the front of the venue before parking cars. Note that the Walmart is a grocery outlet and carries full line of sport drinks, fruits and snacks. Here is a google map of the path between:

Hotels: TFC is within easy reach of downtown San Jose and its numerous hotels by car/taxi/bus. But for convenience we recommend "The Elan" which is only a few hundred feet away. It is a two star, no frills but clean and tidy motel which is generally available on weekends.
contact organizers if you want more info.